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it's the first time i've been really sick since away from home and i really need my mom when i'm sick. I'm so homesick right now, i want my bed and my mom bringing me tea, i can't help crying. I feel so lonely here, even though I have friends and I love them, I miss being around people all the time, I'm alone so often here. I miss my mom so much, she really holds me together, I miss her talking to herself thinking I can't hear and I miss my house and how familiar it is, I miss my room, I miss my kitchen and I miss everything that's familiar. Only two more weeks and then I'm going home for christmas, two more weeks to get through and two exams, I should be okay. I'm just so nervous for my philosphy exam, it's going to be difficult I think, and I'm going to be even more alone the final week because my roommate leaves tuesday, I leave saturday. I'll have all that time by myself which I guess will be good for studying but I will be so alone. I'm so homesick right now, I really need a hug.

I need someone to talk to who understands, thanks for
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