Lou Graves (skyblue_pink) wrote in home_sickness,
Lou Graves

hello, I'm new

I joined recently, because I moved away from home recently.

Basically for years all I wanted to do was move someone new and far away, it's all I ever wanted. And then two months ago I moved to Japan on a charity-exchange working-holiday thing.
But now that I'm here all I want in the world is to go home! There's been problems here, basically nobody bothered to make the arrangements I needed and I've had nothing to do without a decent job. 2-3 days work a week isn't enough. I live alone, not with a family. I'm in the countryside, there's nowhere to go.
But I feel like if I leave I'll be giving up on something I've always wanted, or giving up on this big opportunity. I'll dissapoint my family and friends and myself.
But I can't stand another 8 months of lonelieness and crying.
I just don't know what I want.

sorry this is totally emo, I needed to get it off my chest though. Also it's good to be potentially talking to people who actually understand :)

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